We offer in situ material tests as well as on site tests to meet the Unique needs of every project.

We offer services of evaluation and condition assessment of existing structures,including application of non-destructive test.

We offer physical testing of building materials e.g. Cement,fly ash,bricks,sand,aggregates,paving blocks,tiles,stones,soil,murum,steel bas,concrete,bitumen etc.

 Fineness Test of Cement
 Soundness Test of Cement
 Standard Consistancy Test of Cement
 Setting Time Test of Cement (Initial & Final)
 Compressive Strength Test of Cement
 Specific Gravity of Cement
 Water Absorption, Specific Gravity, Impact value, Crushing value
 Sieve Analysis of Coarse & Fine Aggregate
 Abrasion Value
 Flakiness Index & Elongation Index
 Bulk Density of Aggregate
 Moisture Content
 Sieve Analysis, Silt & Clay content of Fine Aggregate
 Compressive Strength of Concrete
 Slump Cone Test (Workability) of Concrete
 Compressive Strength by Accelerated Curing Method
 Taking of core sample in concrete pavement
 Concrete Mix-Design
 Water Absorption
 Compressive Strength
 Liquid Limit and Plastic Limit
 Compaction Test(Proctor Density)
 Field Density by Sand replacement method
 Field density by Core Cutter method
 C.B.R. Test (Lab) Excluding Compaction Test.
  Field Moisture Content
 Sieve Analysis
 Plate load Bearing test.
 Rebond Hammer Test
 Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity

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